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Welcome to Movie and Drama Review Site. I love watching movies and TV dramas, reading books, eating food, enjoy culture and write about it here. I love classic Indian old black and white movies to filmy 70’s classic bollywood movies. A few years ago, I started watching Asian drama, specifically Korean movies and Korean Dramas. I understand some basic simple words in Korean but I can watch and enjoy all these Asian movies and dramas thanks to English subtitles.

I always loved watching movies, dramas and theater plays since young, as my mom introduced me it theater, dramas, musicals and foreign and regional movies with different languages than what I was used to speak at home. It opened up for me to new culture and entertainment style. I love bollywood movies, especially black and white movies of bygone era. I think American movies have too much violence and sex, and I like old fashioned romance and skinship such as shown in Korean Dramas and old black and white movies. Check out following;

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Top Japanese Dramas To Watch

Top Taiwanese Dramas To See

I started watching Korean Movies regularly since 2007, but it was not until 2010 that I started watching Korean Dramas and became an addicted to it. In short time, I have watched many kdramas that I have lost count. Korean drama viewing also opened up my viewing to Japanese, Taiwanese Movies and Dramas. I am one of many who shares the passion in watching Korean and Other Asian Dramas.

You will find my love for all movies and drama here,

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Hope you like Tidbits about Movies, Drama and Culture.

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