Choi Jin Hyuk Needs Happily Ever After In Kdrama Love

choijinhyukHandsome Choi Jin Hyuk Via Dramabeans

Choi Jin Hyuk should have many things going for him. He is tall, very handsome and had a cutest smile that can melt many girl’s heart. From what I have seen from Korean Dramas and interviews, he seems like a polite, nice and humble guy who seems down to earth. So, what does he need? He has yet to get “Happy ever after” in love so far in Korean drama or get a lead role. (It finally happened in 2014 in Kdrama Emergency couple)

Choi Jin Hyuk’s Dramas and Movies:

Choi Jin Hyuk has played minor, supporting roles in Korean dramas until he was noticed in small role in Gu Family book. Here are some of the Dramas, that he played a part;


Choi-Jin-Hyuk-15Cutest Smile of  Choi Jin Hyuk

I first noticed Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu Family Book Korean Drama. Although, he was there for only first 2 episodes and later on he came briefly on screen, viewers noticed  Jin Hyuk in small role cameo. He overshadowed other actors in the series, and viewer wanted more of him. He seemed really cute and I felt his pain and joy with him, I felt good when he smiled and looked handsome throughout the small screen time he had. He has a cameo role I was intrigued and  I wanted to know more about him and his other dramas and movies that he might have acted in.


cjh1Sexy Gumho of Gu Family Book: Cameo Role


Via NetizenBuzz : You can feel the love and pain: Gu Family Book Doomed Romance

In Gu Family Book Korean Drama, Choi Jin Hyuk plays a role of Gumiho who falls for and protects human noble girl. He has super powers and stays forever young. He falls for and marries the girl (played by Lee Yoon Hee). He even eat her bad cooked food and even tries to become a human being by sacrificing him being of “forever young” and super powers that comes from being a supernatural being, just because he wants to be with her and die with her  being in love with her. The only thing Yoon Hee does not know his real identity as Gumiho, so when she finds out, she feels fearful for her and betrays him to authority. Choi Jin Hyuk’s character chooses to  dies instead of killing the betrayer and to come back later on as thousand years demon. In the end their love is redeemed but they do not find happiness together.

cjh2Via Pinterest: Handsome and Stylish Choi Jin Hyuk in Panda and Hedgehog Drama


Via Couch Kimchi: Don’t they have Chemistry Together? Panda and Hedgehog Drama

After Gu Family Book, I wanted to watch more of his work, so I found Panda and Hedgehog Korean Drama, which had Donghae from Super Junior playing in lead and Choi Jin Huyk as a second lead who is also in love with Yoon Seung-ah’s Panda character. However, he loses the girl  yet again to main lead played by Donghae. Now, I like super Junior and Domghae both, but I am not sure  about Donghae’s acting ability so much. I have seen Donghae in Skip Beat Taiwanese Drama, he is sure pretty but as an actor he is improving and has a lot to improve. Choi Jin Hyuk acted better, looked better and yet he lost love again. I felt for him.

I also checked out very first “I Need Romance” original Kdrama that started the franchise of I need romance. It labeled as Korean Sex and city and so it was. I was surprised how much open the show was about sex scenes compared to Kdrama I am used to watching. Choi Jin Hyuk plays Rich guy, who is not jerk and falls for lead Noona girl, only to lose out again in love. I was feeling for him as he is much better actor who deserves much more in drama, seeing him loses out in drama again and again did not made me feel better.

chjromance1Choi Jin Hyuk in I Need Romance (20011) Original series, can’t you feel love? How can leave him girl?


How can anyone say no to Choi Jin Hyuk In I need Romance via Han Cinema

Then recently I saw The Heir with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye and when I found out he plays a Lee Min Ho’s Brother, I had my hopes up for him finally landing a good role and find a nice girl and have a happy ending. was not meant to be. At first, he played heartless, cold brother to Lee Min Ho, which broke my heart as I knew he could do better. As drama progressed his role and his character improved a lot. But he loses a girl he loved by choosing a money, place in company first instead of love. While he did make that choice, we can see how heart broken and sad he was and I too cried for him, with him. I am hoping that one day he can get money, position and love all in Drama or movie he plays as he surely deserves it.

cjhheirVia mwave: They Both liked each other, only if she was richer or he was braver The Heirs Korean Drama


Via Dramafever: Pain and Anguish of losing love From Heirs Korean Drama

Did you know Choi Jin Hyuk is also talend singer and has sang a few Koream Drama OST (Original Sound Track) Here is one from the 2013 Korean Drama “The Heirs”. Check it out, he is surely good singer as well.

Don’t Look Back By Choi Jin Hyuk : The Heirs

I am looking forward to his new Drama Emergency Man and Woman, also known as Emergency Couple where he plays a lead role first time. While, plot line says that he plays a rich character who falls for poor girl and marries her and they face lot together and in end they get divorce. But there is a hope as they get to meet again and work in hospital together. I am really hoping he gets love of girl this time. So far the series is going well, even though main couple gets divorced in the series, they still have feelings for each others and Choi Jin Hyuk is main lead so there are great chances for him to get the girl and happiness at end of Kdrama, finally! I am happy for him.

cjhnewVia Maybe finally lucky in love? Emergency Man and Woman Choi Jin Hyuk Korean Drama

Let’s wait and watch what happens for this tall, good looking and talented actor Choi Jin Hyuk. I hope he find love in kdrama land and in real life.

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