Crazy Kpop Hair Styles

Kpop is known not only for catchy beat, tunes, dance movies and colorful crazy outfits as well some crazy, unique and out there hairstyles. Some of favorite and not so favorite Kpop group have pretty crazy hair styles in past, present and I am sure it will continue in future as well.

dbsk-tri-angleDBSK: Triangle Album

crazyhair2Super Junior:

crazyhair3Park Yoochun (DBSK: Mirotic Song)

crazyhair4Shin Changmin: Crazy Hair

crazyhair5Ukiss: Crazy Hair

crazyhair62NE1: Dara

crazyhair7Kim Junsu from JYJ

taeyang-original-head1Taeyang Crazy Hair (He has lot to choose from)

l-joe-rainbow-hairCan’t decide on hair color? Go Rainbow hair color!

crazyhair8Hyoyeon’s rainbow hair color, I actually like this a lot


Big Bag Fantastic Baby: No it crazy and bit scary baby!

crazyhair10 Jeung Geun Suk Pretty Man with Crazy Hair

crazyhair11Top: Blue Hair

leehyoriLee Hyori (How does it stays up like that?)

crazyhair12Krystal: What’s with end?


I am sure I can fill the whole blog with kpop hairstyle, crazy, cute, unique and out there types but I just wanted to share samples of crazy hair that K-Pop idols seems to have. And you know the more crazier thing? as a Kpop fan, their hairstyles grows on me and some of these styles I actually like, as I think they may trying to express their creativity, inner artist. But then again, some hair style are simply crazy as ever.

If you are in to Kpop hair styles, and like Big Bang group style, check out the tutorial below on how to get Kpop Big Bang Hair style for yourself.

Big Bang Hair Style Tutorial

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