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If you watch lot of Korean Drama or Kdrama, you can really appreciate the humor. Korean Drama watching is serious thing for many fans, including myself. I sometimes get happy when gathering or party gets canceled so I can watch or finish up Korean drama.

In US, my family goes Black Friday sale just after Thanksgiving day, I reserve that day for watching Korean Drama in my pajamas! I stay up at night, as long there is an internet connection for live streaming video on dramafever or youtube.

Check out the Kdrama Humor from other Kdrama experts, fan and bloggers. Be sure to check out their blogs, as they are way cool to read.

“I could give up watching Asian Drama anytime, however I am not a Quitter!”


Source: Donna Dramaqueen


How Last Kdrama Episode is decided. Via Pinterest




This below is way to funny yet realistic. I may have done something similar to it. 🙂


Source: Kpopmemo


This is so true! Happened to me, my husband could not carry me, I am not thin enough, or maybe my husband is not strong enough. I am sticking to second one. Yeah, that’s it.
My Korean Husband Via Pinterest
Confusion Via Pinterest

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