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As far as I’m concern, this is the one of the best Korean drama ever produced next to the all time favorite, Jewel in the Palace. And no, I was not a big fan of Rain. What captured my attention was the chemistry between the two main characters, Han Ji-eun and Lee Young-jea. It was fantastic. Although the series was adapted from a 1993 comic, the story was ‘cooked’ to perfection with all the necessary ingredients of human emotions that made it an all time favorite.

Han Ji-eun and Young jea are two very different people from very different background. Han Ji-eun was an aspiring script writer who lived alone in a beautiful seaside bungalow her father built. Her loving parents passed away when she was about 17 years old. With no relatives to take care of her, Han Ji-eun lived alone and became attached to her friends from school. One day, out of desperation, her friends tricked her to leave for China for a week and then sold her beautiful property to a superstar actor, Young Jea while she was away. These two clowns needed money to prepare for the birth of their unborn child.

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On the flight to China, Han Ji-eun sat next to Young Jea, who was filming a movie there. Han Ji-eun tried to make small talk but Young Jea was very aloof and a bit rude. As it was her first flight, Han Ji-eun became sick and accidently threw-up on Young jea’s shirt. He was very angry with her but when he returned to the seat after cleaning himself in the washroom, Han Ji-eun was asleep with her mouth open. He left his shirt in the seat pocket and alighted from the plane with his bodyguards while Han Ji-eun was still asleep.

Later it turned out, they stayed at the same hotel. It was at the hotel that Han Ji-eun met Min Heok, the handsome rich businessman who is also Young jea’s senior and best friend in school. Min Heok was at the hotel to meet Young Jea. When Han Ji-eun realised she had no money left for her filght home and that she was conned by her own friends, she decided to take a bold step by borrowing money from Young Jea.

She convinced him that she was Min Heok’s ex-girl friend who was unfairly dumped and needed help. He loaned her some money and she vowed to pay him back when she return to Korea. Young Jea had other plans in his mind. He was in love with Hye-won but she was in love with Min Heok. Hye-won treated Young Jea like a friend.

Onced back in Korea, Han Ji-eun got the shock of her life when she found her home was totally bare, her savings gone and her credit card spent to the max by her friends. She was furious and tried to find her friends and get her money back. Young Jea returned and was jealous to find Min Heok sharing a light moment with Hye-won at her boutique. He called Han Ji-eun and set-up dinner plans with Min Heok and Hye-won. He wanted to reveal Han Ji-eun to Min Heok, thinking that it would reveal Min Heok’s true colours to Hye-won. But, the plan failed and he found out that Han Ji-eun tricked him. They parted ways that night.

When Young Jea arrived at his new house, he was surprised to find Han Ji-eun at the front door with her lugage. She told him her story and he confronted his agent. The agent cannot explain the fraud but he had no choice but to throw her out. One thing led to the other, and he eventually agreed to let her stay but only as a housekeeper. Later, he forced her into a 3-year marriage contract where in the end, she gets to keep the house.

Han ji-eun eventually falls in love with Young Jea but tries to deny it. Meanwhile he continues to long for Hye-Won. Things became complicated when Min Heok falls for Han Ji-eun, Young jea’s parents involvement in their marriage and the return of her friends.

I cried and laughed while watching this movie, and I saw it three times. I’m not the kind of person to do this but this just shows how good the drama is. I must add that the music had played a large part in the success of this drama series.

Overall, this is definitely a box office drama series that shouldn’t be missed. I’d gladly give it a perfect 10/10.

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