Korean Hotties: Kim Nam Jin


Kim Nam Jin: Hottie

If you watch Kpop or Korean Dramas, than you know there are too many hot Korean guys known as flower boys, who can be cute as flower and yet some of them are quite manly. I think one post does not do justice, so I want to start with Korean hot guys whom I find quite good looking.

Kim Nam Jin is not the most popular Hot Korean lead guy, but he should be. I got to know about Kim Nam Jim first when I watched old Korean drama “Royal Prince’s First Love”, it was passable drama where Nam Jin was second lead. But I found him irresistible in old time travel drama called “Thousand years of love’. He was more dashing, handsome, gentleman, compared to main lead So Ji Sub (whom I generally love!).


 Tall, Not dark and Handsome, Missing in TV Movie since 2008


Modeling Kim Nam Jin; Kdrama Hot guy


Born on August 1, 1976,  Sign: Leo


First known work 100.4 HZ in 2003 for MBC (hard to find, I tried)


Followed by Time traveling drama: Thousand Years of love as second lead, oh why no why main lead?


I am sorry, I forgot what was I saying?….


 Followed by

  • Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
  • To You it Dreams the Love Which is Severe (MBC, 2003)


Talk among yourself….. brooding shower scene must for any Korean Drama…. or GQ Models


Dang, he looks good for even worse parting hair style as well…..

kimnam8Kim Nam Jin did 2 dramas for MBC, called Prince’s first love (second lead again!) and  Tropical nights in December.  I have seen Prince’s first love and believe he was better guy then main lead…hard to find tropical nights drama though…

kimnam9A hot guy with Flowers: Every girl’s dream….isn’t it? Is it for me, thank. you…


Interesting modeling pose and clothes by High Cut, he still manages to show sexyness.


Wet Kim Nam Jin in GQ shot


Those Pajama pants suddenly looks classy….


Thousand Years of love…bad drama but good looking second lead…where princess’s travels 1300 years into future…to meet Japanese congolemere (Kim Nam Jin) or out of work Designer (So Ji sub with very bad hair cut)


Making glass wearing sexy!….


In 2005, he did only one drama called ice girl where main heroine gets frozen to come back after 25 years and falls in love with son of her old lover Played by Kim Nam jin.


2007 was busy for Kim Nam Jin, he did 4 dramas and movie together, mermaid story a TV Movie, where he is a murder suspect, New wise mother, Ground zero, a story about people whose life changes after 911 event in NY and fly high, where he is main lead, falls in love with older woman with a child.


Rainbow color shirt never looked this great on anyone…


Making bow tie look sexy…


In 2008, he did one loon….g drama called “don’t be swayed’ with 164 episodes and hard to find…where I believe he was lead..


He has not done anything since 2008, except a few cameos and seems to have disappeared from the media…almost…


Most recently, he was in variety show in 2014 saying his personality has made him hard to live actor and model life and he did not mean to take a such a long break…


As far as I know there are no known movie or drama scheduled where Kim Nam Jin is playing..any character which is too bad, as I think he was good actor, tall, and handsome guy who deserves much more media and TV love …


Check out Kim Nam JIn’s old drama and movies if you get a chance and judge for yourself….He is totally Hot asian dude..who can not only look good but act well, especially tormented soul….

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