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Understanding Korean Cuisine

As I watch more Korean Dramas, I become more interested in Korean Food as almost every Korean Drama as plenty of scenes where people are eating, cooking. Some looks awful, for example, when they talk and chew at the same time, and some looks interesting enough for me to try that food for my self.

Guest Author: Pamela Morris from Yummy Recipes


Korean Cuisine with Side Dishes

I ate out a lot at Korean BBQ type restaurants but watching Korean Dramas have made me appreciate Korean Cuisine much more and want to learn more about it. Korean cuisine is largely… Continue reading

How To Make Omurice From Roof Top Prince

rooftopImage source: www.therebelsweetheart.com

One of the interesting thing I have noticed about myself is that when I watch Korean Dramas, I get completely hooked, especially if Drama is really good. I like food they eat, I drool as I watch female lead eat a lot, and still look very skinny. (I wonder why it does not happen to me? Maybe I do not have the high metabolism “Korean Genes!” )

Ever since I watched Rooftop Prince (Shh…don’t tell anyone, I have watched it already twice the whole series!) I drool every time, Han Ji Man’s Character makes Omurice for J4… Continue reading