White and Pink Camera In You’re Beautiful Korean Drama

Lately, I have been watching Korean Drama too closely or may be product placement folks are doing good. I found Camera in several shots of “You’re Beautiful Drama with Park Shin Hye and JSK.  Now, You’re beautiful is one of the earlier drama I had seen and loved but rematching second time, I observed things that I missed the first time such as cool camera this time. it It looked very interesting as I had never seen a camera like that before, yeah really!  See below, if you do not believe me.

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The Heirs Korean Drama Must Have Products

Korean Drama makes me want eat new food, wear high heels that hurts my feet and buy cute products that Kdrama stars use. As I am currently watching The Heirs series, which is by the best Korean Drama that aired in 2013: See Top Korean Dramas for 2013.

Here are a few Heirs Products that we wish we could have, they are cute and make a great gift for yourself or someone who love Korean Drama The Heirs, or fan of Lee Min Ho or Park shin Hye. Check it out below;

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How To Make Omurice From Roof Top Prince

rooftopImage source:

One of the interesting thing I have noticed about myself is that when I watch Korean Dramas, I get completely hooked, especially if Drama is really good. I like food they eat, I drool as I watch female lead eat a lot, and still look very skinny. (I wonder why it does not happen to me? Maybe I do not have the high metabolism “Korean Genes!” )

Ever since I watched Rooftop Prince (Shh…don’t tell anyone, I have watched it already twice the whole series!) I drool every time, Han Ji Man’s Character makes Omurice for J4… Continue reading

Korean Ramyun or Ramen Noddle Hacks

noodle4Ramyun/ Ramen Noodle Isle:

I always ate Ramen noodles as a broke, starving college student and did not care much about it. That was until, I started watching Korean drama, now I have new appreciation for Ramen or Ramyun as Korean Native would say.  I am went around to search for Ramen noodle history and I found Zengirl’s post : Inexpensive Food: Ramen Noodle Hacks which has done extensive search, so I got permission to share it here with my thoughts.

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Which Kdrama Is Best For Beginner?


Boys Over Flower: Another Love Story Couple

When I first started watching Korean Drama was by accident and I chose the good Kdrama for expert, but not for a beginner. I watched melodrama which was slow and had many sad scenes. However, somehow, I stuck along 20 episodes of it and survived. Since then I realized that there are much more better choices of Kdramas I could have started with.

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The Camera In “To Beautiful You” Korean Drama

If you see Korean dramas like I do, you start to notice little things. When I was watching Roof Top Prince I saw a white camera being used to take pictures, then friend told me that she saw the same or similar white camera in Flower Boy Next door. I almost wanted to re-watch the drama to pause to so I can take picture and find out what camera was it. But, then I got busy with other Korean Drama.

camnew1Image source: To Beautiful You Kdrama

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