Top Shammi Kapoor Movies To See

shammi3Pic: Shammi and Geeta Bali

My Ultimate bias is Shammi Kapoor of black and white era. He was not only good looking but also was good human being in real life and unique style that has been compared to Elvis Priestly. He played romantic roles, teased heroine and sang songs, in a Indian film era where most male leads played self controlled guy, who controlled the emotions and played mostly obedient sons and brothers such as Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Rajendra Kumar.

Top Shammi Kapoor Movies:

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Best Songs of Shammi Kapoor

Indian movies are always musical and melodious lyrics and beat you can dance to; Shammi Kapoor was never traditional dancer but yet he has suave style that no other Indian heroes had. Some of Shammi Kapoor songs are fun to dance to, and some are great to listen to and sing with. Here are some of the best Shammi Kapoor songs I love, and I am sure you will too;

Dekh Kasam Se (Movie: Tumsa Nahin Dekha)

Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle Song from Tumsa Nahi Dekha (1957) Love story Movie starring Shammi Kapoor, Ameeta, Pran, B.N.Vyas, Raj Mehra
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Shammi Kaoor: Biography Of A Legend

Image source: and Tumsa Nahin dekha Movie still

I simply love Shammi Kapoor and his movies. He was original, one of a kind person. In times, where heroes were playing much restrained charactors, Shammi was unique to play fun, lover boys type of roles in his movies. I told my husband that if Shammi Kapoor of “Dil Deke Dekho” came by, he would have a big competition. It is unique as I do not have crush on any new bollywood stars like I have on Shammi Kapoor and in small extent Govinda (Love 86 fame). Interesting is I am… Continue reading