Things I Learned From Korean Drama

Until I started watching Korean Drama and became an addicted, I did not know many things about love and life as kdrama puts it. Here is wisdom and knowledge learned from watching Korean drama. Via Rebloggy

Things I learned from Watching Korean Drama:

1. Love Square:

Korean Drama love triangle but Love Square, where 2 guys will be loving one girl and another girl would be loving one of the male lead. 85% Korean drama have “love square” that does not end well for 2 people.

2. Main Male Lead:

Main male lead would almost always good looking, super duper rich and jerk. He would be rude, jerk that will torment the main female lead and would be more good looking then girl almost always. He will have a mother issues, such as mother who left him or overbearing and evil mom such as one in the “Boys Over Flowers”. In end, you will forgive him for being jerk as he turns out he is “lonely” and needs love.

3. Second Male Lead:

Second male lead would be next best looking, and maybe rich too. However he will be most understanding and sympathetic guy who keeps on protecting the main female lead. However, main female lead almost never will return the kindness and friendship from him, and he will be “friend-zoned”. Second male lead occasionally can be jerk like drama “The Heir”.

4. Main Female Lead:

Main female lead, almost always will be dirt poor, have loan shark behind her family. She can start out as a feisty and independent girl, but she may end up crying and getting hurt by jerk Main lead in early episodes. She can eat a lot generally and still be thin. Even though, she is from poor family, she may have latest phone, shoes.

5. Second Female Lead:

Second female lead generally would be Main female lead’s ex. best friend turned evil, or sister who has turned evil like in “Roof Top Prince” and “Master’s Sun”. Very rarely, second lead would be nicer person that you feel for and do not hate her for example in “Marry him if you dare”, second lead was nice and I did not hate her.

6. Love at First Fight:

Korean drama love always starts with fighting, or mis-understanding between male lead and female lead, which eventually turns in to love slowly and jerk male lead becomes bit nicer.

7. Love means Being Mean:

In Kdrama world, the more mean the guy is to girl, is secretly means he loves her more, I would have never guessed this logic until watching Korean drama.

8. Parents, and Relatives:

The richer the parents, means they will try to control their kid’s education and love life so much that they will sometimes hurt female lead and her family. Girl’s parents are generally poor, eccentric, almost ignoring kids by working long hours daily but show love towards each other. Relatives can be supportive or evil if parents are dead.

9. Back hugs:

Back hugs are very popular and I did not know you can back hug until I started watching Kdrama. They seem so romantic that I asked my husband to give me one but without OST music in background and him being less rich and much less jerk did not have same effect.

10. Piggy Back Rides:

Piggy back rides are almost preferred way of transportation compared to taxi or car. Often times, girl would be living in a house on top of a hill, where a guy would have to walk up to thousand steps stairs while holding drunk female lead and her shoes and handbag also in hand. One thing is for sure, Korean guys must have lot of endurance to do it.

11. Arm Pull:

When male lead is asking female lead to “don’t go”, he usually does arm pull scene and gives her hug. I always thought that arm pulls are in-considerate if any guy did that me however, it Korean drama it shows, love and desperation for lead to make girl stay so it could be considered romantic in Kdrama land.

12. Kindergarten Level Kisses or No Kiss:

When I first saw Korean drama, I was used to Hollywood way of kissing, so I was shocked to see lips barely touching and both girl and guy closing their eyes as they went for kiss in slow motion. Now as a veteran to Korean Drama, I am used to lip touching or no kiss scenes between leading pairs like in “49 days” drama. Now I get shocked when I see some tongue action instead in Korean drama and I find Hollywood kissing too much.

13. Drinking and Karaoke:

Almost every Korean drama has a several drinking scenes, including singing Karaoke songs. Female lead getting drunk and throwing up on Jerk male lead is also very popular. After that guy has to piggy back girl to her house by walking.

14. Obstacles In Love:

Main male lead and female lead usually go through many obstacles before finding a bliss in love. First has to be guy being jerk, then parent’s interference and sometimes second evil female lead tries to break lovers apart. Social status of rich guy and dirt poor girl is not enough, there will be other Obstacles such as falling in coma, amnesia or in some occasion lovers turning about to faux sibling such as in “Winter Sonata”.

15. Korean Guys are Gender Blind:

Korean drama loves stories where girl disguises herself as a boy and joins all boys school or group and almost always male leads falls head over heels over this “Faux Boy” and starts to question his sexuality. Everyone can but male lead will not find out that “Faux boy” is really a girl until much much later such as in “Sungkyungan Scandal”.

What did you learn as you watch Korean Drama?

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