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200 Lbs. Beauty: South Korean Movie Poster

I started watching Korean Movies before I became Korean Drama addict. I like Romantic and comedy movies of South Korea. South Korean Movie makers makes also great horror movies and psychological movies. There are many south Korean Movies have been re-made in to Hollywood such as My sassy Girl and Oldboy, confirming the power of South Korean Cinema.

Here are some of the South Korean Movies that I think makes a great viewing. Watching with subtitles has became a second nature to me, until I learn and understand enough Korean language to make it without someday.

100 days with Mr. arrogant:

Guy who bullys a girl in a slave contract and falls for her. After being dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha-Yeong (Ha Ji-Won) meets a college guy named Hyung-Jun (Kim Jaewon) when she kicks a can that accidentally hits him in the face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. He demands she pay him $3000 on the spot or be his slave for 100 days.

200 lbs Beauty:

Fat girl goes through cosmetic surgery to feel beautiful and find love. This is 2006 South Korean comedy film based on a Japanese manga, Kanna-san, Daiseikou Desu  by Suzuki Yumiko. The story is about an overweight girl who undergoes extreme plastic surgeries to become a pop sensation. The film was a financial success, and critically well received.


Under-rated love story about artist and cop and hit man who are in love with her. Daisy is an urban romantic melodrama involving young painter Hye-young (Jun Ji-hyun), Interpol detective Jeong Woo (Lee Sung-jae), and professional hitman Park Yi (Jung Woo-sung).

Always/ Only You:

Beautiful love story about reformed boxer and blind girl. Love overcomes it all. This South Korean film directed by Song Il-gon. Starring So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo in the lead roles, it is about a romance between an ex-boxer who has closed his heart to the world and a telemarketer who remains spirited despite slowly going blind. With online tickets selling out a 2,000-seat outdoor movie theater in a record seven seconds.


Story of 3 teens who are all 19, gets entangled in a murder case. Three nineteen-year olds, two boys and a girl, are accused of murder and forced to run away. Everyone, including their parents, believes they are guilty, but the experience makes their bonds strengthen as they attempt to find the real killer and prove their innocence.

A Millionaire’s First Love:

Sad love story with hope and finding what is important, money or love? Jae-Kyung (Hyun-Bin ) is a rich grandson and tough guy,  his family lawyer informs Jae-Kyung about the will from his grandfather that he can only become a millionaire after he graduates from Boram High School,a countryside local school.  In his class, he meets Eun-Hwan (Lee Yeon-Hee)a pretty girl. She’s some kind of different from others. Things change Jae-Kyung’s mind and became close to their new friends. Sad ending but still beautiful.

My Sassy Girl:

In this modern classic romantic comedy, a chance meeting with a drunk girl on the train puts Gyun-woo in a masochistic relationship he never wanted. But despite her bullying ways he finds himself falling in love. It tells the story of a man’s chance meeting with a drunk girl on the train which changes his life. It is ostensibly based on a true story posted on the internet in a series of blog posts written by Kim Ho-sik, which was later adapted into a novel. The film was extremely successful in South Korea and was the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time.

Almost Love:

Childhood friends realize that they love each other despite the tragedy hits. Ji-hwan is a taekwondo student with a part-time job as a stunt man, who dreams of becoming Korea’s answer to Jackie Chan. Dal-rae is a drama student and aspiring actress, but tends to fail auditions because of her timid personality. The two are old friends who have grown up together, but their relationship becomes complicated when they each start dating other people.

Baby And I :

Jang Geun-suk plays teen who find a baby on his doorstep that is not his, but takes care of the baby. Baby and I is the story of a high school student (Han Joon Su) who is a troublemaker. He takes care of abadoned baby in his shopping cart and reforms as he takes responsibility for a baby.

Cyrano Agency:

Agency that makes people fall in love, but can it really work? As the title suggests, it is a modern take on Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac, and the plot focuses on a dating agency that helps its customers win the hearts of the people they desire.

The Man From Nowhere:

Tae-shik, an ex-special agent, who lives in solitude, befriends So-mi, the young girl next door. When So-mi disappears, Tae-shik is drawn into a frantic search for their whereabouts. The film follows the story of a vengeful man who embarks on a murderous rampage when the only person who seems to understand him is taken from him

Dating On Earth:

Not easy to find, in this DBSK group movie where high school student is married to a teacher. It talks about married and school life of couple, student Park Yoochun and So Hyon Jin, class advisor. Jaejoong plays troubled transferred student and rest of 3 members played Yoochun’s classmate during thier DBSK5 time.

War of the Arrows (2011):

Set in 1636, the Manchurians kidnap childhood sweethearts, Ja-in and Seo-Goon on their wedding day. In an effort to save his sister, Ja-in and brother Nam-Yi sets out to defeat the enemy and save his sister and other Korean victims with only 1 bow.


Political intrigue, betrayal, peril and forbidden romance play out in this lavish, critically acclaimed, historical epic set in the royal palace of Korea’s ancient Joseon Dynasty story of King and his body-double.

The Righteous Thief:

Fun movie! Mu-hyeok Hong is the 18th generation descendant of Hong Kil-dong (famous Robin Hood like character). By day, he works as a high school music teacher, but by night becomes a Hong Kil-dong like thief.

My Girlfriend Is An Agent:

A huge box office hit in Korea, this action-packed romantic comedy pits two former lovers now both working a secret mission to infiltrate the Russian mob.

Seducing Mr. Perfect:

Min-jun is yet again pondering over a recent break-up when she gets into a fender bender with a man named Robin Heiden, who turns out to be her new hotshot boss from the US.


Pyschological thriller, after a drunken night on the town, Oh Dae-su wakes up in the morning to discover he has been locked up, without explanation, in a mysterious prison for the next 15 years.

The Thieves:

A stylish mix of light romance and dark crime caper, with nothing going on as planned. It was the one of the best crime heist film I have seen that will leave you guessing until the end.

There are many great south Korean Movies that are great to watch.

What South Korean Movies have you seen and liked?

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