Where To Watch Asian Drama?


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 I get asked this question sometimes, even when I started first watching Korean and other Asian Dramas, I too had similar question. While, I am no way an expert still, I found a few ways to watch Asian drama with English subtitles. Without subtitles, I can not understand much. I now know a few Korean Phrases but nothing remotely will make sense. Although, I do admit, sometimes, I have watched drama without subtitles as I had been too impatient to wait.

There are a few ways to watch Korean Drama:

1) Cable TV or Asian Network: A friend of mine, gets Cable network and she sometimes gets Variety shows and drama with English subtitles but it has not worked for me. So check it out, sometimes free local channels may provide Korean or other Asian network shows on certain days of week at some specific times based on local area.

2) Netflix: Netflix is best source of many Asian Drama and movies. I like that you can put your choices in Queue and it will keep coming to your house and you can mail it back from your house. Pretty convenient for lazy person like me and Netflix has many Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese Drama and movie to choose from.

3) Local library: If you live in area where is large Asian population, local library might be carrying Asian movies and drama. Not all may have English subtitles so check it. If you find it, you will get to see Asian, Korean dramas for free from your local library.

4) Local Asian DVD Rental store: In my area, there are a few Korean DVD rental place, where I can rent Drama but not all may have English subtitles so ask and you might get lucky.

5) Ask Kdrama Viewer friend: I have one friend who watches it, sometimes we borrow each other Drama series that we have purchased. For example, I have Rooftop prince, and she has other ones so we borrow each others sometimes.

6) View Instantly from Amazon: You can instantly watch some movies and drama as cheaply as 99 cents and more or you can buy dvd series for home. I have actually bought 4 Korean drama series via Amazon, as they are largest and trusted online retailer and carry many drama with English subtitles.

7) Watch it Online: I have kept best for last, as almost everyone (at least most) people have internet access at home or can get it at library or internet cafe, starbucks so watching online is easiest method for most people. Where in online to see it?

  • You tube: You tube sometimes has whole Korean and other Asian Drama complete series with English subtitles. Only bad thing is you have to search and it might not be there next day.
  • Dramafever: Drama fever has the most largest selection of Korean, Taiwanese drama. You have to either watch with ad or pay for membership. You can pretty much find any Drama you’re looking for in there.
  • Hulu: Somes you can finds whole Korean Drama and Movies on Hulu.com
  • Viki.com : I like Viki.com, the subbers usually work very hard to sub the new episode in a day or less. My favorite is timed comments at the top. You have pay membership or watch with ads.
  • Good Drama: This website has lot of Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese Movies and drama and anime as well. It runs on ads or paid subscription.
  • Han Cinema: I recently found out that you can watch it on Han cinema, but basically it links to Dramafever website.
  • Crunchy Roll: It has many Asian drama, anime as well
  • Veoh:This website is great for older drama and TV shows. Many has English subtitles.
  • Dramacrazy: Many Korean, Japanese Dramas and movies

Other Online Live Streaming websites:

I have not tried following websites, but writing it here for information as having an option where to see Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Drama:

Do you know any other ways to watch Korean drama, movies? Let me know in comments. I will update list as I know more ways to watch drama for you.

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