Which Kdrama Is Best For Beginner?


Boys Over Flower: Another Love Story Couple

When I first started watching Korean Drama was by accident and I chose the good Kdrama for expert, but not for a beginner. I watched melodrama which was slow and had many sad scenes. However, somehow, I stuck along 20 episodes of it and survived. Since then I realized that there are much more better choices of Kdramas I could have started with.

Watching Korean Drama is very different compared to American Drama and even BBC mini series sitcoms, it is very unique experience.  If you are new to Korean Drama or want to experience the craze about Kdrama, then these are the dramas you should start with.

Things to know before watching any Korean Drama:

  1. Korean dramas are 16-24 episodes long, unlike decade running series like “All My Children” or “General Hospital. That means there is finite time and end.
  2. Korean dramas are over an hour long, without any ads or commercials. If you watch it on some streaming drama sites, they would add their own ads every 15 minutes or so, making it long (Unless you get paid subscription)
  3. Make sure before you buy or pay for Kdrama, it has fully English subtitles, or whichever language you prefer. If you are native Korean speaker, ignore this tip.
  4. Korean drama are slower in pace and culture is quite different compared to US or western culture and drama. Sometimes holding hands between lead pairs can take long time.
  5. There is less importance on physical relationship. Sometimes lead pair can kiss in last episodes, or sometimes they may not even kiss despite loving such as “49 days”. Don’t worry, it will not make it dull or less romantic viewing. Believe me and other Kdrama addict fans.
  6. There will be lot of back hugs, piggy back rides, drinking and eating food together, plenty of guy shower scene as they seemed to do lot of thinking during shower.
  7. Storyline either be modern time, or Joseon era of past, or time traveling between old and modern time such as Rooftop Prince or Queen In Hyun’s Man.
  8. Do not start a Korean Drama just before test, before project is due. Believe me, everything will be left as it is and drama will be finished.
  9. You may lose your sleep, just trying to watch JUST ONE MORE episodes. I have done it plenty of time.
  10. You may start to read Kdrama blogs and recruit other people missing out on watching Korean Drama.

Okay, now that I said what to expect, let’s move on important part such as which is the best Korean Drama to start watching. After watching Korean Drama since 2010 and watching many good, bad, ugly and all in between dramas, I can suggest and share my best drama list for new beginners to Kdrama world.

Best Korean Dramas For a Beginner:

One more thing, first episodes is always a introduction of situations, characters and it is all jumble usually for most Korean Drama. You will have to watch at least 2 or 3 episodes to really get in to drama. So, have little patience and watch 2-3 episodes at least.



 City Hunter

This is best Kdrama for beginner in my opinion, as the story takes place in modern time, and has cool spy things, politics, love, revenge all rolled in to one. Of course, having a Good looking Lee Min Ho starring in it, sure helps.  Based on a famous Japanese comic, CITY HUNTER is a Korean TV drama thriller starring Lee Min-Ho(Boys Over Flowers(  and Park Min-Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) that follows a trail of revenge and romance all the way to the presidential Blue House.

File:You're Beautiful - promotional picture.jpg

 You’re Beautiful

This series is about 3 guys in boy band group and one girl, pretending to be a boy in a boy band which surely leads to love, confusion and heartaches. Taekyung (Jang Keun-Suk) is A.N.JELL’s arrogant and insufferable lead singer. Guitarist Shinwoo (Jung Yong-Hwa of C.N.Blue) is too perceptive for his own good, and happy-go-lucky drummer Jeremy (Lee Hong-Ki of F.T. Island) is just plain slow on the uptake. Into the boy band mix comes A.N.JELL’s bumbling newbie, Go Minam (Park Shin-Hye). But what the fans don’t know is that he’s actually a she! Roped into posing as her twin brother, Minam has to hide her real identity. But secrets have a way of coming out, especially when her bandmates start falling for her!


File:Secret garden korean drama.jpg

Secret Garden:

Story is cute and has un-realistic plot line, but that will not matter, you will want true love life like them in no time. From shiny tracksuits to cappuccino foam kisses, the fantasy romance Secret Garden provided some of the hottest topics in 2011. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won bicker away in the series as an eccentric, elitist CEO and a spunky stunt woman who hate each other almost as much as they’re undeniably attracted to each other.  It’ll take some magical intervention to get these two stubborn lovebirds to ‘fess up to their feelings!


This drama story takes places in both modern and old Joseon era times, however it is mostly in modern present time. There is re-incarnation of both male leads and female leads in both modern and olden era.

Prince Lee Gak finds himself time traveling 300 years into the future with his 3 trusted sidekicks as they are investigating murder of Princess, his wife. They would have to go through considerable challenges as he adapts to 21st century Seoul and Park-ha. Can love last when there is 300 years gap? You will laugh, cry and fall in love with Omurice, J4 (Joseon 4 guys) and lead pair’s love story.


Full House:

This was very popular series in 2004, by singer actor Rain and I can see why, it has every thing Kdrama needs, rich, good looking male lead, pretty, happy go lucky poor female lead, fake marriage contract and love square.

Female lead Han Ji-eun’s loses her house by greedy friend to Rain. She and rain makes an arrangement for her to earn her house back by working at home for him, which leads to Fake Marriage contract and confusion and eventual love. Even though I am not a big Rain fan, I like his acting in this series.


Boys Over Flower:

This is high school romance story between unlikely pair has its origin in Japanese Manga. Only reason you should watch this drama is, unless you have watched Boys Over Flower once you do not know Kdrama. While it has too much hype as most popular Korean dram, you should watch it for experience and who Jan Di and Gun Pyo are, and who F4, fabulous four guys are.  Story takes place in high school where F4 are rich, good looking and bully to the core. One poor girl, stands up to them and 2 guys falls for her from F4. How their love survives between evil mom, memory loss and fiance is what makes it fun.



Queen In Hyun’s Man:

To people who complain that there are not enough hot kisses in Korean drama should watch this drama as it has many passionate kisses between the lead pair. They are dating in real life at the time, so I guess the chemistry shows up on screen. The story takes place in modern time but time traveling is also there. Male lead who is smart, considerate and adapts to modern life quickly. Love story has cute, comedy scenes are there and fun to watch, so go ahead and try it.


The Heirs:

The Heirs also takes place in high school and stars Lee Min Ho. But unlike Lee Min Ho character from Boys Over Flowers, here Lee Min Ho’s Character Kim Tan is more mature and level headed person, even though he used to be a bully in past. Kim Tan is in California in first few episodes, his English leaves lot to desire but it will not matter. Love story between illegitimate rich son and housekeeper’s daughter is shown in realistic way. Seeing screwed up lives of rich parents and kids made me feel at ease that I am not rich. Watch this series for fun viewing as it is in modern times that we can relate.



Unlike other Korean Drama for beginner, this is only Kdrama that is completely takes place in olden time. The reason I picked it here but it story line is similar to Robin Hood. The hero or Iijimae robs and steal to help poor, oppressed people under corrupt lawmakers. We get to see his past story to why he does what he does. There is love from 2 girls that Iljimae has, but does he have time for it? I believe, new Kdrama viewers will love this series even though it is takes place in Joseon era.


Dream High:

Dream high is a feel-good fluff Kdrama that is fun to watch. Six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols. During their school years, they learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other. The series was so popular that there is season 2 of Dream High was made with new actors and season 1 actors making a cameos in it.


So, pick any one of the drama and start watching Korean Drama, soon you will be viewing more complex and wonderful world of Korean Drama in no time.

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