Boys Over Flowers Necklace

bof6Boys Over Flowers Star Necklace

Earlier, I wrote about Boys Over Flower Review and one of the best Korean Dramas for Beginners and top high school based Korean Dramas. In Boys Over Flowers series, Gun Jun Pyo gives unique star necklace to Jan Di. It was supposed to only one like that in world and super duper expensive, that only rich person can only buy it. Not for long, there is a Boys Over Flower necklace you buy for under $20 and you know the unique thing?, you can get matching ear-rings with that too.

So, you do not have to be super rich to buy it for yourself or your special significant other.

Jun Pyo gives Jan Di the necklace and explains love

Boys Over Flowers Star Necklace


  • Korea TV Drama Boys Before Over Flowers Star Necklace
  • The pendant has a much better detail in the center of the moon not visible in the photo image. It’s very cute I’m satisfied with the product.

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Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star Earrings


Now, this ear-rings were not given by Gun Pyo, but if you wanted the same matching earrings with star necklace shown above, you can have a whole set, at very much affordable price. The star earrings and necklace looks just like the one from the drama Boys Over flowers and looks expensive but it is cheap enough for any one to buy.

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